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Sun, 21-Oct-18 3:09 PM (2 hours ago)
I need something big and smooth.... wink
Sun, 21-Oct-18 12:30 PM (4 hours ago)
what would you like to see
all you want to share
(4 hours ago)
I can think of a couple of naughty things... wink
(22 minutes ago)
Sun, 21-Oct-18 11:58 AM (5 hours ago)
Could use a couple of big hot cocks right now
me too
(4 hours ago)
Cockman666 and Naughtyflirt like this
Yours would be one I'd take jizz
(3 hours ago)
Sounds like a fun time!
(21 minutes ago)
Sun, 21-Oct-18 3:56 AM (13 hours ago)
Hi everyone! wink
Sat, 20-Oct-18 7:49 PM (21 hours ago)
hot cock
let's see
(17 hours ago)
Sat, 20-Oct-18 4:25 PM (1 day ago)
I uploaded some videos guys let me know what you think
newdBiguy, red20824, jizztaker and dww like this
not Premiu, so can't see the vids sad
(1 day ago)
powerful loads, impressive
(22 hours ago)
nice would of been glad to drain you
(17 hours ago)
MMMmmm I just watched all of them and you have me totally hard and wet with precum thinking about sucking you off smile
(10 hours ago)
Sat, 20-Oct-18 11:44 AM (1 day ago)
Stoking my big hard cock at work again. Anybody want to join me?
would love to
(17 hours ago)
Sounds like fun, hope we don't get caught lol
(13 hours ago)
Sat, 20-Oct-18 11:16 AM (1 day ago)
I've been missing in action, but I'm back and my dad asshole is ready for your big cock. And my cock is ready for your ass. OR ANYTHING else that turns us on.
so glad u returned ...... so want my penis in u
(1 day ago)
I'd love to take it!
(13 hours ago)
Sat, 20-Oct-18 9:54 AM (1 day ago)
Looking for sub sissys or femboys to wank over NN pix
fordman12 and Naughtyflirt like this
Sat, 20-Oct-18 8:31 AM (1 day ago)
Looking to have some profile pics done..... Can you help?
Sat, 20-Oct-18 8:14 AM (1 day ago)
young for old gays
how 'bout younger for older ("mature"wink Bi guys?!
(1 day ago)
Come to my place when me boyfriend is here, You can have two older guys.
(6 hours ago)
Sat, 20-Oct-18 7:22 AM (1 day ago)
Looking to get my arse fucked for the first time!
Tomcat66 and Naughtyflirt like this
Sat, 20-Oct-18 2:50 AM (1 day ago)
I've been missing in action, but I'm back and my dad asshole is ready for your big cock. And my cock is ready for your ass.
creekgeek likes this
i so want to slide into u and then turn about to receive your sperm gift too
(8 hours ago)
creekgeek likes this
It's nice to have you and your asshole back dad.
(6 hours ago)
Fri, 19-Oct-18 9:57 PM (1 day ago)
The coming winter is depressing. I need to move south. Looking for a indoor cock to suck.
Naughtyflirt likes this
But fall is my favorite time of the year, so beautiful in the Northeast with the fall foliage. The older I get, the shorter then winter seems.
(6 hours ago)
Fri, 19-Oct-18 7:21 PM (1 day ago)
Blimey guys this site is quiet. I'm not surprised as it's so expensive to be a premium member. I'm outa here soon methinks.
NakedMike44 likes this
Fri, 19-Oct-18 5:54 PM (1 day ago)
Blimey guys, this site is quiet and very expensive to be a premium member. Shame !
this is my favorite site.... and it is free..... seems it's cooking along nicely
(1 day ago)
Fri, 19-Oct-18 10:44 AM (2 days ago)
swapping pix and wanking to NN/panty/upskirts
Thu, 18-Oct-18 7:20 PM (2 days ago)
So member Monacd is posting pics of me as himself... Not sure if I should be mad or flattered... Mostly mad.
Normally more pics of you is a good thing, but not when they are stolen.
(2 days ago)
atlas_shagged and Tomcat66 like this
"Mod intervention," perhaps? sad
(2 days ago)
Yeah Mod intervention would be nice. I've reported the pic and of course haven't heard a word back and it's still up. I also sent a note to Monacd and so far I'm being ignored. Unreal.
(2 days ago)
I thought I recognized that penis. Moderator intervention would be appropriate, but politely ask the offending party to remove the picture.
(6 hours ago)
I did contact the member, and he is just ignoring me. And he has been signed on several times since I messaged him.
(3 hours ago)
Thu, 18-Oct-18 3:30 PM (3 days ago)
wow never thought get so much atention not that i know why or whats so attractive about me.
It's your "naughty bits!!" eek
(3 days ago)
it is that you are showing us yourself as u are, and that is hot!
(8 hours ago)
Nice body and equipment, scruffy facial hair, unpretentious, good looking, are all attractive traits
(6 hours ago)
Thu, 18-Oct-18 3:29 PM (3 days ago)
wow never thaught get so much s
creekgeek likes this
Thu, 18-Oct-18 3:14 PM (3 days ago)
A new naked photo finally posted !
atlas_shagged and jizztaker like this
Thu, 18-Oct-18 12:56 PM (3 days ago)
just sat here in a pair of mums old panties ,
Thu, 18-Oct-18 1:19 AM (3 days ago)
naked browsing
Is there any other kind?.......especially when browsing NDN...!!!
(3 days ago)
atlas_shagged likes this
let's see
(3 days ago)
atlas_shagged likes this
"Naked browsing" is certainly arousing... wink
(3 days ago)
Wed, 17-Oct-18 9:53 PM (3 days ago)
cock is hard ad I`m horny
That is what happens to me when I am on this site........!!
(3 days ago)
What a coincidence: my cock is horny, and I'm hard [and erect]! raspberry
(3 days ago)
Wed, 17-Oct-18 7:50 PM (3 days ago)
Looking for sexy male to jo with
If only we were closer......!!!
(3 days ago)
Alabama is just a train ride away, my friend! Write (PM) me... smile
(3 days ago)
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