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Sat, 18-Aug-18 4:12 AM (6 hours ago)
I need a big fat cock to fuck me NOW
Fri, 17-Aug-18 11:59 PM (11 hours ago)
Jacking off wanting to suck cock
jizztaker and scolad like this
Try mine
(1 hour ago)
Fri, 17-Aug-18 9:09 PM (13 hours ago)
c2c play anyone
chauckb and jizztaker like this
Fri, 17-Aug-18 8:11 PM (14 hours ago)
Ready for anal with a guy! I've reached my pic limit for the day but I'll post more tomorrow. I'll be camming with my toys tomorrow Saturday 8/18 on Newbie Nudes around 11am EST.
Fri, 17-Aug-18 11:11 AM (23 hours ago)
Horny and hard
nice me too
(10 hours ago)
Fri, 17-Aug-18 10:17 AM (1 day ago)
Four new naked photos posted !
Tomcat66, Tachikomako and jizztaker like this
Fri, 17-Aug-18 5:40 AM (1 day ago)
Sooo horny
Fri, 17-Aug-18 5:40 AM (1 day ago)
So horny. Text me pics 5202805472 Tommy amos
tommy1973 likes this
Thu, 16-Aug-18 10:57 PM (1 day ago)
I'm so hard and horny
And so damn sexy too
(1 day ago)
me too wish we could tend to each others needs
(1 day ago)
Thu, 16-Aug-18 7:11 PM (1 day ago)
My hole is itching for something. Anything wink
Tomcat66, darts12 and jizztaker like this
love to spend some time with you both trying all sorts of fun
(1 day ago)
Tachikomako likes this
Wed, 15-Aug-18 7:52 PM (2 days ago)
It's settled then... Wine Country as well as Nude Hiking and power-masturbating in the sunshine it shall be! grin
jizztaker and darts12 like this
Wed, 15-Aug-18 7:02 PM (2 days ago)
See my cock shadow
jizztaker likes this
Are you a sundial?? ohmy
(2 days ago)
Wed, 15-Aug-18 12:29 PM (2 days ago)
come on guys lets have some fun
What's your pleasure? grin
(2 days ago)
Wed, 15-Aug-18 8:36 AM (3 days ago)
Looking for picture request, what do you guys wanna see??
more of that nice hooded dick
(3 days ago)
Tue, 14-Aug-18 9:12 PM (3 days ago)
well travel port deleted
they cum they go
(3 days ago)
... glad they did mop up! ohmy
(2 days ago)
Tue, 14-Aug-18 8:29 PM (3 days ago)
Looking for NSA cock fun
atlas_shagged likes this
The NSA? Like the Puzzle Palace?? eek
(2 days ago)
Tue, 14-Aug-18 1:15 PM (3 days ago)
Can I get some today? Probably not gonna happen...REAL MEN STEP UP!!
i suppose i could give u some if u r talking about sex? ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh yeaaaaaaaaaaaa mmmmmmmmmmm
(3 days ago)
luv to share with you
(3 days ago)
Cum to northeast NJ.
(3 days ago)
I'll get a stepstool to lift you up to your raised ass and "plunge" you! tongue
(2 days ago)
Tue, 14-Aug-18 8:33 AM (4 days ago)
busy drooling over all these beautiful hang cocks and busy wanking myself . such beauties well hung and just ummm
"Be sure to mop up!" eek
(3 days ago)
Swallow! I'll teach you.
(3 days ago)
Tue, 14-Aug-18 3:56 AM (4 days ago)
Next trip tomorrow, for about a week: Morro Bay, CA by way of San Luis Obispo (by train, natch!) and ending up with a week of beach time; hopefully as nude as possible!! grin
"Leavin'... on a big train / Don't know if I'll be back again!" grin
(3 days ago)
Have been there Morro Rock, Pismo Beach was fun too.
(3 days ago)
atlas_shagged likes this
Auuugh! The aggressive Marine Layer is whomping here, so nude beach at Pirates' Cove or over to Morro Bay! Therefore, I'm going to travel on redeye late night/early tomorrow northward to the Bay Area
(2 days ago)
... and continue up to Wine Country of Napa County and Calistoga, CA to drown in wine, _men_ and song!! grin
(2 days ago)
Mon, 13-Aug-18 11:19 AM (4 days ago)
mmmm travelport, switch so your profile is viewable.... so want to do things with u
Mon, 13-Aug-18 6:16 AM (5 days ago)
What is the best way or enjoyment to self mastebate ?
creekgeek and atlas_shagged like this
i use my hand, u can use my mouth or rectum
(4 days ago)
travelport likes this
Mon, 13-Aug-18 5:17 AM (5 days ago)
always looking for hard cock especiall 8" and bigger
atlas_shagged likes this
I'm only "a seven-inch." Will this do?? eek
(4 days ago)
Mon, 13-Aug-18 4:07 AM (5 days ago)
I really want to try a Sybian. Has anybody ever tried it? Looks so amazing!
Tomcat66 likes this
Sun, 12-Aug-18 10:08 PM (5 days ago)
Looking for a man to have a sexual encounter
atlas_shagged likes this
"Tete a tete," or will you go deeper?? eek
(5 days ago)
Sun, 12-Aug-18 8:03 PM (5 days ago)
I love the moment when I, after teasing, kissing, and sucking a man's cock, finally let the head past the back of my mouth and slide it deep down my throat. I feel like such a submissive lil slut
darts12, jizztaker and mrmarkrc like this
One is a question... the other is a statement. ohmy
(5 days ago)
its a good feeling
(5 days ago)
Show me what you mean
(4 days ago)
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