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Tue, 11-Jul-17 11:59 AM (10 days ago)
Older BI married men are HOT and I love them, but I'd sure like to find some single gay men here, too. So we can fuck any time any where.
Sun, 16-Jul-17 3:43 AM (5 days ago)
Its about time I thanked all you guys who have rated and commented on my postings, it just encourages me to post more.
Please do I can not get enough of your delicious looking cock I love him
(5 days ago)
Fri, 21-Jul-17 2:27 PM (8 hours ago)
My ass is still dripping from the fabulous fucking I got this morning
That is awesome.!!!
(57 minutes ago)
Sun, 16-Jul-17 5:01 PM (5 days ago)
Many thanks to ALL who have enjoyed my latest nude photo !
Thank you fore sharing your hot sexy nude photo .just wish you could take mine in the nude ???
(5 days ago)
Thanks for sharing with us,would love to take some pics for you
(5 days ago)
darts12 likes this
Sat, 15-Jul-17 3:37 PM (6 days ago)
Laid in bed this morning, not wanting to get up. Wondering what it might feel like to roll over and get up on my knees and feel a firm knob pushing against me. Gently in and then out again.
If you wait a little bit il come over ok ??
(6 days ago)
Sat, 15-Jul-17 11:51 AM (6 days ago)
Why don't guys use their blogs here more. I love to hear about your sexploits and desires. Stories - true or fantasy - are almost as hot as pics.
Good question! A little reality mixed with a dash of fantasy can make for some hot, HOT reading and stroking.... but that's just me!
(6 days ago)
stevie75 likes this
Yea to be honest I should start that to!!
(6 days ago)
I would rather discuss them in a private chat
(3 days ago)
Wed, 12-Jul-17 12:33 PM (9 days ago)
Hey guys, I'd sure like to find some guys who like to work on my big balls.
Hop on 35W and c'mon up to Minnesota. Road trip !
(9 days ago)
like to have some fun with those nice balls and cock
(8 days ago)
Tue, 18-Jul-17 5:30 PM (3 days ago)
New nude photo for foreskin lovers !
stevie75, mrmarkrc and jizztaker like this
let me help you with that
(2 days ago)
Mon, 17-Jul-17 10:28 PM (4 days ago)
who likes my cock
scolad, Bigsalmon12 and jizztaker like this
yeah - nice cock
(3 days ago)
nice uncut
(3 days ago)
Sat, 15-Jul-17 3:25 PM (6 days ago)
I'm naked, looking for my first cock
stevie75, jizztaker and dfdarthur like this
Wish I could be there......
(5 days ago)
Im the same here still need a nice cock in me
(4 days ago)
Thu, 13-Jul-17 3:21 PM (8 days ago)
Posing nude and playing with myself. Glad I found this site, I can look at all the nude guys, enjoy looking at pussy and showing mine.
Tue, 11-Jul-17 2:56 PM (10 days ago)
i want my ass fucking
darts12, penisluvr54 and jizztaker like this
Tue, 11-Jul-17 11:01 AM (10 days ago)
Need to shoot some cum onto a tight butt its been to long i need to explode
Tomcat66, penisluvr54 and stevie75 like this
pick me!
(9 days ago)
Mon, 10-Jul-17 2:16 PM (11 days ago)
Stoking my cock looking at all these cocks on here
dfdarthur, jizztaker and Madripor like this
Sun, 9-Jul-17 9:26 PM (12 days ago)
Should I post pics of my wild side?
fuck yeah - go for it
(12 days ago)
sure you wild and crazy guy
(11 days ago)
I'll take any side I can get.
(11 days ago)
Please, would love to see your wild side.
(10 days ago)
Thu, 20-Jul-17 10:45 PM (23 hours ago)
EMids uk So hard and wet!! want and need....
scolad and jizztaker like this
a fone wank?
(23 hours ago)
Thu, 20-Jul-17 3:14 PM (1 day ago)
Getting naked and photographing my pussy,
darts12 and Bigsalmon12 like this
Thu, 20-Jul-17 9:06 AM (1 day ago)
Thanks for the comments on my photos, makes you feel good and want to do more
Tomcat66 and jizztaker like this
keep 'em cumming
(23 hours ago)
Tue, 18-Jul-17 7:49 PM (3 days ago)
Tight arse hole needs loosening by a big hard cock
Tomcat66 and stevie75 like this
Your not alone!! Mine to
(3 days ago)
Big Black Cocks especially welcome
(3 days ago)
Tue, 18-Jul-17 7:35 PM (3 days ago)
has been a week since his penis was in me ... wish his cum were still in me .....mmmmm
stevie75 and Tomcat66 like this
Mon, 17-Jul-17 10:47 PM (3 days ago)
I wish I knew if mild CBT pics and conversation was appropriate here. Would anyone who know what the limits are send me a message, please? Thank you.
Bigsalmon12 and stevie75 like this
It's fine by me, but it think can go to notices or forum and ask if yo have concerns
(3 days ago)
There is a photo section named Devices where some of your pics would fit in great, in my humble opinion.
(3 days ago)
Sat, 15-Jul-17 3:26 AM (6 days ago)
Thinking about sucking an uncut juicy cock with lots of foreskin.
stevie75 and jizztaker like this
If you were just close enough....!
(6 days ago)
suck my cock - got loads of fuckin 4skin even when rock hard
(6 days ago)
I have that for you
(6 days ago)
my kind of dick
(6 days ago)
Fri, 14-Jul-17 4:56 PM (7 days ago)
Couple of new nude photos posted !
liketoshow1 and jizztaker like this
Fri, 14-Jul-17 6:24 AM (7 days ago)
Any men wanna fuck???
dfdarthur and liketoshow1 like this
Fri, 14-Jul-17 5:54 AM (7 days ago)
I'm proud to say that I'm a masturbater
liketoshow1 and jizztaker like this
Fri, 14-Jul-17 3:50 AM (7 days ago)
Horny? I am. Xxoo
stevie75 and jizztaker like this
Wed, 12-Jul-17 10:46 PM (8 days ago)
jizztaker and Tomcat66 like this
Wed, 12-Jul-17 2:15 PM (9 days ago)
Sucking some cock and getting ass fucked by a couple of well hung studs........
darts12 and trybi like this
Wed, 12-Jul-17 2:11 PM (9 days ago)
Str8 guy looking for wank buddy. why is it so hard to find??
Tomcat66 and James27 like this
If only you were in the US
(9 days ago)
Wed, 12-Jul-17 1:14 PM (9 days ago)
Any young dudes like my cock? I'd like to know.
mrfrankiejohn and jizztaker like this
nice tasty looking head on it
(8 days ago)
Tue, 11-Jul-17 11:01 PM (9 days ago)
Edging for England
penisluvr54 and jizztaker like this
Tue, 11-Jul-17 8:27 PM (10 days ago)
Hi wishing everyone a safe and positive day out there, much love.. xox
jizztaker and Madripor like this
Tue, 11-Jul-17 6:48 PM (10 days ago)
simple guys i need someone to take my anal virginty 18- 28 slim guys
penisluvr54 and jizztaker like this
Sat, 8-Jul-17 10:03 PM (13 days ago)
check out my pics and comment...
darts12 and jizztaker like this
Sat, 8-Jul-17 5:55 AM (13 days ago)
always horny
scolad and jizztaker like this
me too - having a wank now
(13 days ago)
right now lets go for it
(11 days ago)
Fri, 21-Jul-17 12:02 PM (10 hours ago)
Getting hard again cruising all the new cock pics. Pm me guys to chat.
Tomcat66 likes this
Fri, 21-Jul-17 11:44 AM (10 hours ago)
Hope you guys don't mind. I had to stop shaving my pubes two years ago, so my shaved pics are that old. Ask me about it. It's a HOT story.
Bigsalmon12 likes this
Would love to hear it, post it on the forum!
(7 hours ago)
Wed, 19-Jul-17 8:11 AM (2 days ago)
on cam, trying out a new cockring
darts12 likes this
Tue, 18-Jul-17 7:19 PM (3 days ago)
Everybody's pics on here are just getting better and better. Some really hot stuff being posted, love them all!
stevie75 likes this
But I love yours to buddy as you know!!!
(3 days ago)
mrmarkrc likes this
Need more BJ pictures
(3 days ago)
mrmarkrc likes this
Tue, 18-Jul-17 12:29 AM (3 days ago)
Jerking real slow over all your hard cocks guys.
jizztaker likes this
mmm I like that I wanna see that
(3 days ago)
Sun, 16-Jul-17 11:46 AM (5 days ago)
i am super horny this morning ready to tend to a few cocks , wish i didnt have to go to work on my birthsay rather lay in bed playing my boner agrees
darts12 likes this
Happy birthday to you my friend then!!!!
(5 days ago)
Wish you were at my nude beach with me I would take care of your desires
(5 days ago)
Happy Birthday friend just wish you could blow my cock as a treat nice sexy xx
(5 days ago)
Sun, 16-Jul-17 11:12 AM (5 days ago)
At my favorite nude beach (Gunnison NJ) anybody else here ?
stevie75 likes this
Sat, 15-Jul-17 9:50 PM (6 days ago)
Stooopid on cock
jizztaker likes this
Sat, 15-Jul-17 9:52 AM (6 days ago)
East Midlands Attractive GSOH Genuine Fit, Slim, 53.... Hard, wet, wanting safe legal slim younger ?
jizztaker likes this
Sat, 15-Jul-17 8:27 AM (6 days ago)
Watching porn. Hungry for cock.
jizztaker likes this
Fri, 14-Jul-17 7:16 PM (7 days ago)
Posted new pics...thoughts? Requests? Nasty thoughts? Xoxo
jizztaker likes this
love to have some fum with that dick of yours
(6 days ago)
Fri, 14-Jul-17 2:17 PM (7 days ago)
Horny and cock hungry in Singapore
jizztaker likes this
Thu, 13-Jul-17 3:01 PM (8 days ago)
So hard I want to explode
stevie75 likes this
Wed, 12-Jul-17 10:18 PM (9 days ago)
jizztaker likes this
Wed, 12-Jul-17 10:34 AM (9 days ago)
Want to have some outdoor skin on skin contact, suck long and hard on a cock and get down and dirty. Any recommendations or takers in and around Brisbane.
Tomcat66 likes this
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