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Sat, 17-Mar-18 3:14 AM (3 days ago)
OK who wants to be buttfuck barebacked???
right here mate.....
(3 days ago)
I would like to try it
(3 days ago)
bet that big cock is good
(3 days ago)
Definitely shoot your load in my ass
(3 days ago)
I do
(3 days ago)
SilverLover likes this
Thu, 15-Mar-18 12:29 PM (5 days ago)
.Still...... i am wishing it was YOUR erection there alongside mine ....mans on man sex is so good for the soul......
me also, luv to meet and greet both of you soon
(5 days ago)
darts12 likes this
me to as mine is so Hard right now
(5 days ago)
Wed, 14-Mar-18 6:39 AM (6 days ago)
Who got a nice big cock, that I can ride today? I love to ride them!!!
Jump aboard
(6 days ago)
stevie75 likes this
you know i'd love to have some fun with you
(6 days ago)
stevie75 likes this
so luv to enjoy you Stevie
(6 days ago)
stevie75 likes this
Dam guys, you know I would love all of you, and wy not at the same time? I'm horny enough to take care of all of you!!!
(6 days ago)
creekgeek likes this
Mon, 19-Mar-18 5:39 PM (1 day ago)
Sure could use someone sucking my cock and balls and ass
Hey why not choose me?
(1 day ago)
I volunteer. I've been drooling over you for a long time
(1 day ago)
be glad to show you how eager my lips and tongue are to please
(1 day ago)
Sat, 17-Mar-18 4:09 PM (3 days ago)
i wana eat your hole deep lick n suck on it before n after you breed my hole n fill me with cum, use me as you like
Sun, 11-Mar-18 4:24 PM (9 days ago)
Looking at all these asses got me very horny! Who wants to buttfuck? (Only bareback)
Would it be a surprise if I said ME!!!!
(9 days ago)
Would love to take you
(9 days ago)
Wed, 7-Mar-18 10:20 PM (13 days ago)
Winter White Out here. First round of snow blowing done. Time to get Naked and take some Pictures
8-12 predicted here; not really started yet; another beer and some lube with my NDN friends to wank with
(13 days ago)
Wed, 7-Mar-18 9:49 AM (13 days ago)
horny like crazy .... so glad u guys are too.....
yes they sure are lots of gorgeous sexy cocks and mine xxxx
(13 days ago)
darts12 likes this
i'm always aroused to see your pics, creekgeek
(13 days ago)
Sun, 18-Mar-18 8:42 PM (2 days ago)
Feel like fagging out my hole to anyone
mrmarkrc, darts12 and Tomcat66 like this
Sun, 18-Mar-18 4:35 PM (2 days ago)
Mature top seeking young bottoms to fuck
darts12, jizztaker and anoym23 like this
Sat, 17-Mar-18 12:31 PM (3 days ago)
Looking for someone to jack off with on chat/cam
darts12, mrmarkrc and jizztaker like this
I would gladly cam with you.
(2 days ago)
I'll look forward to that
(15 hours ago)
Sat, 17-Mar-18 12:06 PM (3 days ago)
I'm looking for a hard cock
Tomcat66, dfdarthur and Bigsalmon12 like this
got one here right in my hand
(3 days ago)
Titman620 and stevie75 like this
I'm so hard
(3 days ago)
Sat, 17-Mar-18 8:32 AM (3 days ago)
And for fucking a hot ass
darts12, jizztaker and Bigsalmon12 like this
Sat, 17-Mar-18 8:31 AM (3 days ago)
In the mood for sucking a big cock
jizztaker, Tomcat66 and Bigsalmon12 like this
Suck mine
(3 days ago)
well my big stiff dick can use a good sucking
(3 days ago)
BBCluvr likes this
Tue, 13-Mar-18 5:17 PM (7 days ago)
I need a nice hard cock to choke on!
newdBiguy, darts12 and jizztaker like this
I'd love to choke on your clitty cock. YUM!
(7 days ago)
darts12 likes this
wish you could choke on my uncut shaved cock it would be nice sexy xxx
(7 days ago)
darts12 and creekgeek like this
be glad to trade bj's
(7 days ago)
I know mine would do the trick, PM me
(6 days ago)
Tue, 13-Mar-18 3:45 PM (7 days ago)
darts12, jizztaker and mrmarkrc like this
(7 days ago)
Hello, I see you have your cock all aged up. What is it being saved for?
(7 days ago)
stevie75 likes this
Tue, 13-Mar-18 12:34 PM (7 days ago)
Just about to shave my shaft and sack so looking to have it deep throated
darts12, mrmarkrc and creekgeek like this
yes love them shaved better to suck xxxx
(7 days ago)
darts12 likes this
Would like to see him
(7 days ago)
darts12 likes this
yes me as well love them shaved xx
(7 days ago)
stevie75 likes this
lets see before and after pics
(7 days ago)
darts12 likes this
Have you ever let someone else shave your shaft and balls.
(7 days ago)
Mon, 12-Mar-18 6:52 PM (8 days ago)
Recovering from an accident, so lots of pain and meds but also lots of time to perv on all of your beautiful cocks and bodies, you guys rock
Tomcat66, jizztaker and stevie75 like this
Dam I hope you're recovering well my good friend!!! Wich I was thare to nurse you
(7 days ago)
get well soon sexy john ... love seeing i nude in nature
(6 days ago)
Sun, 11-Mar-18 2:43 PM (9 days ago)
Watch my Video of me Stroking my Cock and Shooting a big load
darts12, newdBiguy and jizztaker like this
wish I was Premium Member I CU long with you...
(9 days ago)
Sun, 11-Mar-18 8:16 AM (9 days ago)
Fuck buddy that came to stay with us for 6 months 9 months ago is still with us and is now staying for another 12 months. My butt got pounded by him really hard last night and tonight we are having a
darts12, BBCluvr and Tomcat66 like this
Wow Id wish I was in Victoria
(9 days ago)
Fri, 9-Mar-18 12:32 PM (11 days ago)
glad my power is back on after a weekj was nice actually getting naked and being warm
stevie75, Tomcat66 and Fuck_me_hard like this
You know I missed you here!!!! ALOT!!!!!!!
(11 days ago)
Thu, 8-Mar-18 1:30 PM (12 days ago)
From the second I woke this morning I’ve been longing to take a cum load in my mouth
Tomcat66, stevie75 and RufferUK like this
would love to, then take yours and kiss
(11 days ago)
Later this month you get mine
(11 days ago)
Thu, 8-Mar-18 3:23 AM (12 days ago)
Horny as hell in need of some hot cum to swallow
stevie75, Tomcat66 and Fuck_me_hard like this
Tue, 20-Mar-18 6:29 PM (8 hours ago)
Still looking for that nice cock to suck
darts12 and Tomcat66 like this
If i lived closer you could use my uncut shaved cock any time sexy ok xxx
(7 hours ago)
Or you can have mine to!!
(7 hours ago)
darts12 likes this
or may be both of us !!!!
(6 hours ago)
Tue, 20-Mar-18 6:08 PM (8 hours ago)
My trip to VA was cancelled due to snow, so I guess I'll just wish you all a great spring (snow and all). XOXO, Rodney.
stevie75 and darts12 like this
Thanks for the wishes, but as for the snow please keep that over there!!! I hate the cold
(8 hours ago)
Sun, 18-Mar-18 10:10 AM (2 days ago)
Cruising cock picks and edging in chat.
darts12 and Tomcat66 like this
I want to suck you
(2 days ago)
Sat, 17-Mar-18 7:31 AM (3 days ago)
online now!
jizztaker and darts12 like this
Hey buddy
(3 days ago)
Fri, 16-Mar-18 1:06 PM (4 days ago)
if you like these pictures im also on NTN.
jizztaker and dfdarthur like this
Fri, 16-Mar-18 7:49 AM (4 days ago)
Sucking down a few cold ones a few hot cocks wouldn't go astray either
jizztaker and Tomcat66 like this
My cock is hard
(4 days ago)
BBCluvr likes this
Wed, 14-Mar-18 6:16 PM (6 days ago)
Enjoying a rare lazy afternoon... had a hot bath, close shave.. now lightly oiled, rock hard and...
stevie75 and Tomcat66 like this
Maybe waiting for me???
(6 days ago)
Tue, 13-Mar-18 11:59 AM (7 days ago)
A good prostate massage yesterday , ended in being a finger licking good time. My hole tastes so sweet. Now I'm in the mood to lick & suck a dirty cock fresh out of my ass.......
Tomcat66 and creekgeek like this
Sun, 11-Mar-18 2:41 PM (9 days ago)
Want a big cock in my mouth and one in my ass
darts12 and Tomcat66 like this
Sun, 11-Mar-18 6:36 AM (9 days ago)
Discussion with my little sister, she talking nude selfies
darts12 and daisy1978 like this
Sat, 10-Mar-18 9:47 AM (10 days ago)
I need 4 guys for a gangbang
jizztaker and trybi like this
Don't ask me, I need them to!!!
(10 days ago)
Thu, 8-Mar-18 11:52 AM (12 days ago)
Fuck_me_hard and newdBiguy like this
Wed, 21-Mar-18 1:27 AM (1 hour ago)
Need a bigger dick
jizztaker likes this
Wed, 21-Mar-18 12:51 AM (2 hours ago)
Slowly stroking, edging... cruising hot cock on NDN....and enjoying my very hard cock. Thanks for hot posts Guys.
jizztaker likes this
Tue, 20-Mar-18 1:35 PM (13 hours ago)
Anyone do tribute pictures
darts12 likes this
Tue, 20-Mar-18 7:17 AM (19 hours ago)
Kik keithblade
darts12 likes this
Mon, 19-Mar-18 9:31 PM (1 day ago)
mrmarkrc liked the cam show of kuifje
averagejoe2000 likes this
hope it was the same one that I say last week, so hot and great wad of cum
(14 hours ago)
Sun, 18-Mar-18 6:00 AM (2 days ago)
It's that time again beer o'clock lol
darts12 likes this
Fri, 16-Mar-18 11:44 PM (4 days ago)
Shower and shaving. Hmm maybe try shaving everything see if i like it!
newdBiguy likes this
luv to help you shave everything. you'll like it, I know.
(3 days ago)
Fri, 16-Mar-18 5:19 AM (4 days ago)
Need a big hard cock to stretch out my tight hole
Tomcat66 likes this
Bend over I'm in
(4 days ago)
Thu, 15-Mar-18 3:24 PM (5 days ago)
Cam anyone pm me x
darts12 likes this
Thu, 15-Mar-18 9:09 AM (5 days ago)
I'm jacking off on Kik join me titman620
darts12 likes this
Thu, 15-Mar-18 7:21 AM (5 days ago)
Sitting here having a few beers well quite a few lol who wants one
Tomcat66 likes this
Cock or beer
(5 days ago)
Both are on offer
(5 days ago)
jizztaker likes this
I'll suck you . And you can drink
(4 days ago)
BBCluvr likes this
Wed, 14-Mar-18 8:57 PM (6 days ago)
how to get better pics of my ass while masturbating.....so troublesome
mrmarkrc likes this
Let someone else work the camera.
(5 days ago)
Any takers.. I'm game
(4 days ago)
Wed, 14-Mar-18 8:42 PM (6 days ago)
new pics up....hope all you sexy horny guys like
darts12 likes this
Wed, 14-Mar-18 6:52 PM (6 days ago)
Horny bitch again.....
darts12 likes this
Wed, 14-Mar-18 1:43 PM (6 days ago)
got to go to Palm Springs CA yesterday .... had family with me so no chance to stop and play.....
stevie75 likes this
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