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Sun, 16-Sep-18 11:18 AM (8 days ago)
Morning boys! Anyone have wood they need polished?
yea, me, i need the head of my cock polished lol ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa mmmmmmmmmmmmmm
(8 days ago)
Wed, 12-Sep-18 12:53 PM (12 days ago)
so hard and horny, wish i had someone to join me for some fun
i'll join u ohhhhhhhhhhh yeaaaaaaaaaaaa mmmmmmmmmmm
(12 days ago)
I sure do hope you find someone. I hate for you to be frustrated.
(12 days ago)
Sigh, Mr. J. -- it's your remote location just a left turn from Mars that is challenging, yes?? eek
(12 days ago)
haven't been in a few days but always willing to join you just say when and where, or PM me smile
(10 days ago)
Thu, 20-Sep-18 9:20 AM (4 days ago)
like to pose for pictures for guys. like to take pictures of me anyone
Wed, 19-Sep-18 11:12 PM (5 days ago)
i love being naked with my legs spread wide apart
Mon, 17-Sep-18 2:05 PM (7 days ago)
if you are looking for some hard cock and gaping available ass i am your type of guy
yesssssss, give it to me baby ohhhhhhhhhhhh yeaaaaaaaaaaaa mmmmmmmmmmm
(7 days ago)
Well...OK! Let's pack that moonpie full!! tongue
(5 days ago)
Mon, 24-Sep-18 3:44 PM (17 hours ago)
My cock wants sucking, my ass wants rimming and I want to fuck someone
Sat, 22-Sep-18 11:20 AM (2 days ago)
Fall is here, was 49F out under the stars after the gale ..... just wearing my open robe to keep warm jacking
It's the best time of year, cool nights, comfortable days. I love it.
(2 days ago)
atlas_shagged and creekgeek like this
Hot days; cool-to-cold nights; just add hot water and stir (use your imagination)! tongue
(2 days ago)
creekgeek likes this
mmmm warm hot tub with another naked man sounds good under the stars
(1 day ago)
atlas_shagged likes this
luv to join u in ur hot tub
(19 hours ago)
Wed, 19-Sep-18 5:05 AM (6 days ago)
woke up hard and horny for you guys
You sure make me horny as well you sexy sexy man!! Wanna suck your cok and feel it in my hungry ass!
(6 days ago)
i did too lets go
(5 days ago)
Me three!! grin
(5 days ago)
creekgeek likes this
Sat, 15-Sep-18 12:32 PM (9 days ago)
it4me57 is my new sex friend here .... his dick looks so much like mine... i like him...
Like penises in a pod! grin
(9 days ago)
creekgeek likes this
Fri, 14-Sep-18 12:31 PM (10 days ago)
Wishing my hard cock was in a tight ass.
and i wish my cock was in your tight ass after OK xxxxx
(10 days ago)
creekgeek likes this
Sun, 23-Sep-18 9:14 PM (1 day ago)
I'm so hard and horny! I want to slide my big hard cock in a nice tight butthole bareback
Tomcat66, jizztaker and creekgeek like this
(1 day ago)
Sat, 22-Sep-18 7:04 PM (2 days ago)
i'm already a premium member
darts12, mrmarkrc and atlas_shagged like this
Then let's cam
(2 days ago)
** See below **
(2 days ago)
Fri, 21-Sep-18 11:08 AM (3 days ago)
Last night was wonderful having my ass worked over, what a good morning
darts12, Tomcat66 and atlas_shagged like this
Sounds wonderful, tell us about it...
(3 days ago)
Thu, 20-Sep-18 4:13 PM (4 days ago)
I sure could use a nice stiff cock right now
Tomcat66, darts12 and jizztaker like this
Thu, 20-Sep-18 12:52 PM (4 days ago)
This place still gets me hard, even after not being on for so long
and we've missed you
(4 days ago)
atlas_shagged likes this
Hear, hear! smile
(2 days ago)
Wed, 19-Sep-18 4:30 PM (5 days ago)
Hangin' at the hot springs... "Wish you were here!" grin wink
darts12, jizztaker and creekgeek like this
Wish i was in hot springs naked with you sexy do you xxx
(5 days ago)
me too
(4 days ago)
Mon, 17-Sep-18 7:07 PM (7 days ago)
i'm horny..so very horny....
darts12, jizztaker and dfdarthur like this
Sun, 16-Sep-18 9:09 PM (8 days ago)
California has a plethora of scenic riches, but one of the jewels by far is the Eastern Sierra area and the Owens Valley, just a stone's throw west of Death Valley between the Sierra & the White Mtns!
darts12, Manlover100 and creekgeek like this
Fall is less than a week away... grin
(8 days ago)
Sun, 16-Sep-18 7:02 AM (9 days ago)
Just woke up with a gorgeous stiff cock so I’m masturbating again
jizztaker, Tomcat66 and creekgeek like this
And don’t think I’m joking! This is going to be a beautiful big spunk load when I decide it’s time to let it go xx
(9 days ago)
darts12 and atlas_shagged like this
Sat, 15-Sep-18 3:55 PM (9 days ago)
I'm ready....are you ? !
"Well, spank my butt and call me erect! Let's go!!" tongue
(9 days ago)
Fri, 14-Sep-18 5:49 PM (10 days ago)
Just love Cocks hope you all love mine to ??!!!
MrDickey, jizztaker and creekgeek like this
you know i like that nice hooded cock of yours
(10 days ago)
darts12 and creekgeek like this
Thu, 13-Sep-18 12:21 AM (12 days ago)
Day 1, I think I,m getting the hang of this
Ha ha ha... "hang!" Have a ball (or better, a pair) of a good time!! grin
(12 days ago)
Mon, 24-Sep-18 2:35 PM (18 hours ago)
watching and fantasizing bout some dick in my ass
Tomcat66 and atlas_shagged like this
Mon, 24-Sep-18 5:31 AM (1 day ago)
anyone in pa want to meet and fuck?
darts12 and fordman12 like this
Sun, 23-Sep-18 9:19 PM (1 day ago)
Love to have a tongue in my ass and have my cock sucked and docked..well???
jizztaker and creekgeek like this
Sun, 23-Sep-18 9:31 AM (1 day ago)
Catching up with friends
darts12 and atlas_shagged like this
Sat, 22-Sep-18 4:13 AM (3 days ago)
i'm a premium subscriber already---wtfo-- whats going on ???
darts12 and atlas_shagged like this
Confirm you have a Green Shield status! smile
(2 days ago)
Wed, 19-Sep-18 3:16 PM (5 days ago)
wondering where are all at?
darts12 and atlas_shagged like this
"... long time passing / Where have all the flowers gone? / Long time ago..." eek
(5 days ago)
creekgeek likes this
Fri, 14-Sep-18 10:20 PM (10 days ago)
Day 2 Great pics on here and lots of feedback on mine
darts12 and creekgeek like this
Fri, 14-Sep-18 10:08 PM (10 days ago)
Hard, horny, lonely. Keep me company?!
jizztaker and creekgeek like this
Wed, 12-Sep-18 11:09 PM (12 days ago)
Still in need of a Hott cock to explore with!!!
creekgeek and Tomcat66 like this
Would mine do the trick? Hot ass.
(11 days ago)
Sun, 23-Sep-18 9:20 PM (1 day ago)
And wish i was a premium member
liketoshow1 likes this
being premium is a dream you can make come true!
(1 day ago)
Sun, 23-Sep-18 4:00 AM (2 days ago)
The Fall equinox officially occurred at 18:54 PDT... commence turning leafy Autumn colors now!! grin
creekgeek likes this
Now anticipate the full moon on the 24th! wink
(2 days ago)
My favorite time of year here in the Northeast.
(1 day ago)
atlas_shagged likes this
was full moon .... harvest Moon.... was flying naked before dawn
(1 day ago)
atlas_shagged likes this
Thu, 20-Sep-18 10:01 PM (4 days ago)
Wondering if any of you guys ever get laid, seems most of you are just playing games.
creekgeek likes this
What's wrong with games? We're all here to share pics and have a good time, perhaps you should relax?
(4 days ago)
atlas_shagged likes this
i get laid, about four or five times a year .... lot more than nothing .... cg
(3 days ago)
atlas_shagged likes this
I have, but most guys on the site are pretty far away. I've actually made some friends on the site too. So, I guess it's what you make of it.
(2 days ago)
atlas_shagged likes this
Hint: while indoors is all right, outdoors is dynamite for libidos and gettin' laid!! grin
(2 days ago)
Wed, 19-Sep-18 9:45 PM (5 days ago)
Some nice comments please? wink
mrmarkrc likes this
love to see some more pics
(4 days ago)
Cum to daddy.
(4 days ago)
Wed, 19-Sep-18 9:41 PM (5 days ago)
Wanking till my mole falls off
atlas_shagged likes this
Guaca-mole?? tongue
(5 days ago)
Wed, 19-Sep-18 4:10 PM (5 days ago)
Sitting here horny as hell wishing I was being mouth fuck by a hard white cock while I pull my nipples hard
Tomcat66 likes this
Sun, 16-Sep-18 8:42 PM (8 days ago)
broadcasting again come and join me
atlas_shagged likes this
I'll take a rain-check, Mr. H.: my laptop 2-way camera is on the fritz! Have fun anyway... wink
(8 days ago)
Sun, 16-Sep-18 3:40 PM (8 days ago)
Been too long since I serviced a cock
jizztaker likes this
Sat, 15-Sep-18 11:03 AM (9 days ago)
in need of a good fucking been too long without.
atlas_shagged likes this
This feels like a start of a Led Zeppelin classic blues song... eek
(9 days ago)
deviousdaz370 likes this
Thu, 13-Sep-18 8:41 PM (11 days ago)
Anyone recommend good sites to hook up with bi/gay guys in the UK?
darts12 likes this
Tue, 11-Sep-18 8:39 PM (13 days ago)
Any Daddy's looking for pics or vids with face, hit my up and I'll send on some
Bigthick8in likes this
Send a couple this wayv
(8 days ago)
Is that "Daddy's looking for pics and vids," or didja mean "Daddies??" Makes quite a difference! ohmy
(8 days ago)
Oh, well... gone anyway. Ta ta... sad
(8 days ago)
Tue, 25-Sep-18 3:36 AM (5 hours ago)
A big ol' Harvest Moon of September... now we rush, in two weeks, to a New Moon and I'll be back again under dark skies in north Wine Country in Napa-Bothe State Park and Calistoga! grin
Sun, 23-Sep-18 2:12 PM (1 day ago)
like darts12 liked the cam show of wantitbi101
Fri, 21-Sep-18 7:35 PM (3 days ago)
why can't i watch movies???
You have to a Premium Member to enjoy the movies here.
(3 days ago)
Well worth the money when you look at the quantity that is available to enjoy !
(3 days ago)
Thu, 20-Sep-18 8:36 PM (4 days ago)
thinking about a nice cock in my ass
Wed, 19-Sep-18 9:17 PM (5 days ago)
Wishing the people who said they'd email, actually did haha ??
i did to my new bud .... is horny like me
(3 days ago)
Sun, 16-Sep-18 7:23 PM (8 days ago)
join my live stream?
Sun, 16-Sep-18 7:19 PM (8 days ago)
Sun, 16-Sep-18 3:33 AM (9 days ago)
Anyone in the Boise area next week?
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