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Wed, 15-Nov-17 4:20 PM (3 days ago)
Sitting here alone with a stiff cock again. I love wanking but it's even better if another guy is doing it!
Wish I could wank and suck that big beautiful cock for you
(3 days ago)
DavidNS and averagejoe2000 like this
feel the same luv to get together with u
(3 days ago)
Nutslut75 likes this
love to join you for some fun
(3 days ago)
averagejoe2000 likes this
Fri, 10-Nov-17 7:39 PM (8 days ago)
new pics, still abit shy hoping your cock turns me into a sweaty horny freak lol
hot cock - dont be shy
(8 days ago)
Wed, 15-Nov-17 9:48 PM (3 days ago)
Just finished watching a porn video. Where the guy got 2 loads fucked out of him. I could go for that right now. Anyone willing to try?
Wed, 15-Nov-17 10:57 AM (3 days ago)
Mon, 13-Nov-17 7:27 AM (5 days ago)
Legs spread wide, balls hanging low, my cock rigid. Slowly stroking as I cruise online, naked and horny, looking for cock.
Sat, 11-Nov-17 3:20 PM (7 days ago)
Sooo horny
i'm horny too brando43 ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh yeaaaaaaaaaaaaa mmmmmmmmmmmm
(7 days ago)
me toooo
(6 days ago)
So am i now i've seen you
(6 days ago)
Wed, 8-Nov-17 5:20 PM (10 days ago)
i just become true to my self recently and become a gay, i am virgin if any body intresting to take my first time
Wed, 15-Nov-17 8:13 AM (3 days ago)
I think I'm becoming more bottom and less versatile all the beautiful cocks on here just makes me feel cock hungry
Sun, 12-Nov-17 7:15 PM (6 days ago)
Awaiting your lips.
Wanting your dick
(6 days ago)
anytime , they would be happy to show that big cock of yours a good time
(6 days ago)
Oral, or anal? Either way, I'd love you to slide that curvaceous cock all the way in!
(5 days ago)
Sun, 12-Nov-17 5:06 PM (6 days ago)
im thinking im new to this and i hope my manhood is ok for other men,never tried another mans penis yet but im dieing to
Just seen your dick. Its more than ok.
(6 days ago)
lets go
(6 days ago)
I'm thinking that you're quite OK for this! By all means keep "it up!!"
(5 days ago)
Sun, 12-Nov-17 11:23 AM (6 days ago)
Running around apartment complex hallways nude and hard too much. Can't let wrong person see. But I have to let guys know I'm ready to suck their cocks.
kpaulden5, darts12 and jizztaker like this
i'd love to suck ur cock ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaa mmmmmmmmmmmmm
(6 days ago)
Wait, wait... I think I've seen you on an episide of Family Guy!!
(5 days ago)
Fri, 10-Nov-17 4:09 PM (8 days ago)
Gotta stop uploading pics. But I beat off thinking about you guys looking at my cock. Such an exhibitionist. Such a slut I am.
Tomcat66, jizztaker and Bigsalmon12 like this
Thu, 16-Nov-17 8:12 PM (2 days ago)
shaved body tonight. much prefer shaved
Tomcat66 and alleycat like this
...and so do I !
(1 day ago)
Wed, 15-Nov-17 2:05 AM (4 days ago)
New naked body shot posted !
Tomcat66 and tombrown87 like this
Mon, 13-Nov-17 12:23 PM (5 days ago)
Hey guys. Read my blog and find out what I do with my cock and what other big cocks do to my throat and asshole.
jizztaker and averagejoe2000 like this
I so wish I lived in your apt complex. I would be knocking on your door every da
(5 days ago)
Mon, 13-Nov-17 9:16 AM (5 days ago)
heading out into the north woods to deer camp /off line 5 days .... see u all when i get back
atlas_shagged and jizztaker like this
Happy trails, Mr. C.! Post some good pix of your wood in the woods when you return...
(5 days ago)
Sat, 11-Nov-17 9:55 AM (7 days ago)
Just getting started on my cock and tight ass. Keen for a good long edging session cruising profiles and cock pics.
jizztaker and Tomcat66 like this
Fri, 10-Nov-17 10:20 PM (8 days ago)
Posted some new pics...hope you guys like them
scolad and jizztaker like this
yeah - nice boner
(8 days ago)
Fri, 10-Nov-17 4:37 AM (9 days ago)
Lights out. All is quiet. Totally naked. One hand on my stiff cock and the other on my computer mouse. Enjoying all the beautiful cocks. Fuck I'm horny!
ntire and Tomcat66 like this
Thu, 9-Nov-17 8:59 PM (9 days ago)
Hello. I'm new here. Anyone out there?
jizztaker and ntire like this
So very quiet round here
(9 days ago)
I’m here!
(9 days ago)
love your big hard dick
(9 days ago)
here I am
(9 days ago)
Wed, 8-Nov-17 11:30 AM (10 days ago)
I had en erection all day yesterday. Felt especially hot under my jeans (never wear underwear) at the grocery store. I need a cocksucker!!!!
jizztaker and Tomcat66 like this
love to be your private one
(10 days ago)
If I saw you with a hard on in my local store, my grocery cart would be abandon, and we'd be shagging or brains out.
(10 days ago)
u say what i am thinking
(9 days ago)
Mon, 6-Nov-17 1:28 PM (12 days ago)
Still looking for that sane guy around the corner from me who wants to hang out and exchange oral favors and JO together...
debvill and atlas_shagged like this
I'm interested! But how far can "around the corner" be??
(11 days ago)
New York's a big place; which corner are you around?
(9 days ago)
driftfactor0 likes this
New Jersey, NYC burbs here. Am I close enough!
(9 days ago)
Catskills, Albany, Hudson Valley area...
(8 days ago)
Catskills, Albany, Hudson Valley area.
(8 days ago)
Sun, 5-Nov-17 11:18 PM (13 days ago)
Having a cam wank
scolad and jizztaker like this
Sun, 5-Nov-17 7:39 PM (13 days ago)
horny for cock
jizztaker and alleycat like this
yea, i know that feeling; looks like it'll be my own cock tonite.
(9 days ago)
Sun, 5-Nov-17 5:16 PM (13 days ago)
I am so horny to be with another nude dude! It's been a little over 2 months since I had my Hot and Horny suck cock fest with Rockslyde! Ever since when I jack I pretend it's his dick that I'm holding
darts12 and jizztaker like this
Sun, 5-Nov-17 8:26 AM (13 days ago)
Up late with a wicked boner edging and looking at all the beautiful cocks here. WOOF! So Fucking HARD!
jizztaker and Tomcat66 like this
Sat, 18-Nov-17 10:37 AM (18 hours ago)
Current situation ball stretcher on ,metal prostate probe in ass,watching big cock porn and trying sounding for the first time
boisub89 likes this
Sounds nice, might try that
(12 hours ago)
Fri, 17-Nov-17 5:16 PM (1 day ago)
Anyone else nearby fancy some no-strings fun?
kpaulden5 likes this
i'm always looking for some no strings fun. ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaa mmmmmmmmmmmmm
(1 day ago)
wish i was
(1 day ago)
Fri, 17-Nov-17 3:02 PM (1 day ago)
Any of you guys want to trade some pics and nasty talk? Anyone want to help me figure out how to cam? Send me a message.
kuifje likes this
no problem love to learn you
(1 day ago)
Oh yes I would love that.. PM me
(1 day ago)
Thu, 16-Nov-17 6:37 PM (2 days ago)
I'm craving a new cock to suck. Anyone interested in Cleveland Ohio area?
darts12 likes this
Thu, 16-Nov-17 2:42 PM (2 days ago)
Great 3 some last night and woken up this morning with Jayne again sucking on my cock while Carl is pounding her from the back
darts12 likes this
Tue, 14-Nov-17 10:35 PM (4 days ago)
I've just been informed that the pics being uploaded WILL show up after the issue at hand is fixed.. Patience friends
Nutslut75 likes this
Tue, 14-Nov-17 7:18 PM (4 days ago)
Hungry for cock
jizztaker likes this
Tue, 14-Nov-17 1:14 PM (4 days ago)
I am ordered to honor every picture request on this site, as long as they don't violate my limits (anal/ass, scat, piss and scat, crossdressing, illegal, bodily damage or modification).
jizztaker likes this
(4 days ago)
still waiting
(2 days ago)
Mon, 13-Nov-17 5:56 PM (5 days ago)
Horny and ready to fuck
darts12 likes this
Mon, 13-Nov-17 3:51 PM (5 days ago)
Anyone online?
jizztaker likes this
Mon, 13-Nov-17 2:54 PM (5 days ago)
Do you guys not like my dick anymore?
jizztaker likes this
sure do post some more pics and find out
(5 days ago)
Mon, 13-Nov-17 3:04 AM (6 days ago)
jizztaker likes this
Sun, 12-Nov-17 10:17 PM (6 days ago)
All nuded up. Anyone about?
jizztaker likes this
Ghost town
(6 days ago)
Sat, 11-Nov-17 3:04 PM (7 days ago)
Surely there's someone nearby who'd like some cock fun??
jizztaker likes this
wish i was love that uncut cock
(6 days ago)
Fri, 10-Nov-17 10:47 PM (8 days ago)
on cam now
debvill likes this
Sorry I missed you, we would have had sexy fun.
(7 days ago)
NakedMike44 likes this
Fri, 10-Nov-17 5:59 PM (8 days ago)
Love older men with big meaty dicks.
Tomcat66 likes this
Tomcat66 you certainly qualify for this
(6 days ago)
Tomcat66 likes this
Fri, 10-Nov-17 3:12 AM (9 days ago)
Who wants to be my Daddy?
jizztaker likes this
Thu, 9-Nov-17 11:15 PM (9 days ago)
change of seasons so change of profile picture
Tomcat66 likes this
seasons changing out here too; added some pics to warm everyone's day, and their cocks, too.
(9 days ago)
Thu, 9-Nov-17 10:28 PM (9 days ago)
Anyone want to chat?
jizztaker likes this
Hello there
(9 days ago)
(9 days ago)
Tue, 7-Nov-17 11:13 PM (11 days ago)
Any Irish guys on
mikepr781 likes this
I wish I was in Ireland. You are smoking hot.
(11 days ago)
Hey Fatstud.. Irish here
(10 days ago)
Tue, 7-Nov-17 4:29 PM (11 days ago)
Any guys from Melbourne? And if so who might be interested in meeting up ?
darts12 likes this
Tue, 7-Nov-17 1:05 AM (12 days ago)
who want to get their manpussy pounded?
hbjay likes this
love to get my manpussy pounded good
(12 days ago)
my mussy is available.
(11 days ago)
Sun, 5-Nov-17 3:48 PM (13 days ago)
Need some cock this evening
jizztaker likes this
wishing i could help you sexy nice cock xxx
(13 days ago)
Sun, 5-Nov-17 12:30 PM (13 days ago)
Need some ball work this morning. Hope there are some guys here who understand intensity.
jizztaker likes this
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