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Tue, 19-Sep-17 1:59 PM (3 hours ago)
Sprawled naked on a double bed in Bangkok.
darts12 likes this
Wish I was your Room Service Gorgeous xxx
(1 hour ago)
Tue, 19-Sep-17 1:39 PM (3 hours ago)
Don't know how to respond to comments on pic - BUT THANK YOU ALL. (And today, two random pics--do you want to sit on my cock, or me to sit on yours?)
darts12 likes this
Both sexy xxxxx
(1 hour ago)
Tue, 19-Sep-17 10:52 AM (6 hours ago)
Wired and horny. Let's get kinky.
jizztaker and Slinky54 like this
Tue, 19-Sep-17 7:13 AM (10 hours ago)
now broadcasting
Tue, 19-Sep-17 4:00 AM (13 hours ago)
Jerking again
jizztaker and Tomcat66 like this
love to join you for some fun
(5 hours ago)
Bigsalmon12 likes this
Tue, 19-Sep-17 1:40 AM (15 hours ago)
can anyone upgrade this faggot to premium?
Mon, 18-Sep-17 6:23 PM (22 hours ago)
Finished up a fantastic "rehab" camping week in rural San Diego Co. by making my first attempt at amateur video, and having a blast doing it. Hope y'all enjoy viewing it as much as I did making it!
darts12 and kpaulden5 like this
Mon, 18-Sep-17 6:16 PM (23 hours ago)
Looking for a nice cock
darts12 and jizztaker like this
Mon, 18-Sep-17 5:22 PM (23 hours ago)
I need some cock in Avondale Az, pm. Me
atlas_shagged likes this
If I could fly, Mr. C., I'd land at Goodyear or Sky Harbor, and cum right on over!
(21 hours ago)
Mon, 18-Sep-17 1:53 PM (1 day ago)
Another Monday morning! Let's make it a little special... Dig out the inflatable dildo and let's try it with ten pumps. The fullness, the stretching, the stroking!
Oh, shucks... since it's Monday, let's _do_ it with ten pumps AND extra foam!!
(1 day ago)
Mon, 18-Sep-17 12:57 PM (1 day ago)
I would so love to meet a dozen very very horny me with over 12" dicks who are HIV neg n clean like me n be gangbanged by them bareback all night long n see how much they can stretch my super horny ho
You'll find them over there with the dozen leprechauns & pots o' gold.
(23 hours ago)
Mon, 18-Sep-17 12:47 PM (1 day ago)
HIV neg n clean like me Couse I wanna feel them cum deep inside my horny fuck hole man times even if it's a group of men with monster sized dicks n it hurts n they take turns at cuming in me for hours
Mon, 18-Sep-17 12:43 PM (1 day ago)
In Rosebud Vic Australia looking to be fucked n cum in my super horny bald man pussy by hugest dicks from men who are HIV neg n clean like me 0406480318
Mon, 18-Sep-17 12:38 PM (1 day ago)
I need to be fucked deep hard n well right know by at least one horny man with a huge dick who are HIV neg n clean like me so we can fuck many times bareback even if it hurts xxxx
Mon, 18-Sep-17 12:35 PM (1 day ago)
My super horny fuck hole that loves being cum in by man huge dicks from horny me is freshly shaved bald n smooth n wanting to be blowing Lotsa cum bubble's
Mon, 18-Sep-17 11:14 AM (1 day ago)
Kicked back, massaging my soft cock through my sisters panties and watching videos of myself playing with my asshole!
Wish I was there beside you!!
(1 day ago)
Sl0wStr0keS likes this
Portnoy!! We were wondering where you'd been... no complaints, though.
(23 hours ago)
be glad to stroke it for you
(15 hours ago)
Mon, 18-Sep-17 1:22 AM (1 day ago)
<<< Is totally naked.
jizztaker and Tomcat66 like this
love to join you
(1 day ago)
liketoshow1 likes this
I could use some company
(1 day ago)
Sun, 17-Sep-17 10:24 PM (1 day ago)
Hi everyone, newbie here
Hi newbie
(1 day ago)
Hello and welcome here
(1 day ago)
Hi, welcome to NDN !
(1 day ago)
LOVE sexy newbies like you. Welcum!
(1 day ago)
UrCockNme likes this
Welcum to the "members love your member" club, Mr. U.! Enjoy...
(21 hours ago)
Sun, 17-Sep-17 7:57 PM (1 day ago)
My legs are in the air waiting for your cock.
Man, oh man, 'Arch' -- if I could "erectile" all the way from CA to TX, I'd be a-slidin' in there already!!
(1 day ago)
Sun, 17-Sep-17 5:01 PM (2 days ago)
hard and horny and in need of a threesome fucking and sucking session
darts12 and atlas_shagged like this
Well... BC isn't _that_ far away by train, eh? I foresee poosibilities!
(1 day ago)
Sun, 17-Sep-17 4:06 PM (2 days ago)
Woke up hard and horny today. Thought I should share my wood with you. ,)
"... Isn't it good / Knowing he would?" (with apologies to John Lennon)
(1 day ago)
seemecd likes this
Caring is sharing Thanks a bunch
(1 day ago)
seemecd likes this
would love to take care of that nice big hard cock
(1 day ago)
seemecd likes this
Sun, 17-Sep-17 9:47 AM (2 days ago)
Hard cock and tight ass needs breeding. Message me to chat and jerk off guys.
darts12 likes this
Sun, 17-Sep-17 8:33 AM (2 days ago)
Too horny
Bigsalmon12 and jizztaker like this
wish i could help you and that uncut cock of yours out
(2 days ago)
I dunno, Mr. N. -- I'm not sure one can _ever_ have too much "horn."
(1 day ago)
Sat, 16-Sep-17 5:24 PM (2 days ago)
Not getting my Private messages??? What's up with that?
darts12 likes this
They could be either victims of Russian hacking, or with Hillary's missing e-mails...
(1 day ago)
Sat, 16-Sep-17 1:32 PM (3 days ago)
Never done this before : uploaded a series of pics. In my hotel waiting for you.
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