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Tue, 19-Feb-19 11:36 AM (1 hour ago)
my ass needs a good stretchin me thinks,lol
Tue, 19-Feb-19 9:47 AM (3 hours ago)
full moon on the river.... out there naked and jacking again
Dildoguy and jizztaker like this
love to watch and join in
(14 minutes ago)
Tue, 19-Feb-19 3:37 AM (9 hours ago)
This site should be called Rude Dudes
(15 minutes ago)
Mon, 18-Feb-19 1:59 PM (23 hours ago)
All right, Peeps, it’s survey time: what’s your BEST Monday-themed song/“soundtrack of _your_ life?”
darts12 likes this
We’ll kick it of with “Monday, Monday.” Yours?? grin
(23 hours ago)
Cock Robin he he
(17 hours ago)
atlas_shagged likes this
“I luv ya, ‘darts’ — always dearly confused!!” thumbup1
(15 hours ago)
darts12 likes this
Mon, 18-Feb-19 12:23 PM (1 day ago)
I hope everyone is having a great day, week, and month. XOXO, Rodney.
Mon, 18-Feb-19 10:43 AM (1 day ago)
Monday Morning Again!!
atlas_shagged likes this
“Monday Morning” — Fleetwood Mac? Howz ‘bout “I don’t like Mondays??” — Boomtown Rats laugh like
(23 hours ago)
Mon, 18-Feb-19 10:26 AM (1 day ago)
I have a stat exam this afternoon and need to study, but all I want to do is get naked suck as many cocks as I can.
Get to those sucking cocks _now_ — STAT!!!! eek ohmy
(23 hours ago)
Mon, 18-Feb-19 9:20 AM (1 day ago)
Horny....especially after looking at all of the hot picture on here....I want to thank everyone who "shares" there pictures with the group.....!!!
Sun, 17-Feb-19 4:26 PM (1 day ago)
I need some dick
Any particular ol' dick, or specifically THE dick??! yahoo
(1 day ago)
darts12 and Danni51 like this
well you have plenty to chose from on here depends how much you like xx
(1 day ago)
Danni51 and atlas_shagged like this
Yep, I love all the different shapes & sizes here grin Yummy stuff !!!
(1 day ago)
darts12 and atlas_shagged like this
Sun, 17-Feb-19 1:00 PM (2 days ago)
I love cock and need one in me soon
Sun, 17-Feb-19 11:15 AM (2 days ago)
Back in Singapore again and ready to suck some cock.
Sun, 17-Feb-19 10:42 AM (2 days ago)
Thanks to ALL who enjoy my Gallery !
Sun, 17-Feb-19 8:10 AM (2 days ago)
Very direct; nay, even BOLD... I LIKE that!! thumbup
(23 hours ago)
Sat, 16-Feb-19 6:58 PM (2 days ago)
Soft cock close-up photo posted !
then you need a good sucking to get it hard xxxx
(2 days ago)
atlas_shagged likes this
and i like it
(2 days ago)
darts12, atlas_shagged and Danni51 like this
Sat, 16-Feb-19 6:27 PM (2 days ago)
hard and wet on cam now
Sat, 16-Feb-19 12:10 PM (3 days ago)
anyone have a warm tongue for my wanting asshole
Tomcat66 and Dildoguy like this
(2 days ago)
Sat, 16-Feb-19 9:42 AM (3 days ago)
thong pic's up ,hope you like them ???
atlas_shagged and Danni51 like this
Thongs RULE!! Then I remove said thong and frantically pound my dildo into my waiting rectal asshole...! eek grin dildo kissass
(2 days ago)
Dildoguy likes this
Fri, 15-Feb-19 11:09 PM (3 days ago)
Weekend has been shot all to hell and I'm considering going to Whiskey Flats next Friday to maybe have a little fun at the glory hole
creekgeek and Dildoguy like this
Fri, 15-Feb-19 1:51 PM (3 days ago)
Woohoo!!! It's FKN Friday!!
FKN: “Fully ‘Killer’-Night” Friday?? laugh thumbup1
(3 days ago)
covincenzo likes this
Fri, 15-Feb-19 12:42 PM (4 days ago)
I hope everyone is having a great February so far. XOXO, Rodney.
atlas_shagged, Dildoguy and Danni51 like this
Wait until you see “March!!” raspberry
(3 days ago)
Fri, 15-Feb-19 12:04 PM (4 days ago)
i need to be pleasured guys
atlas_shagged and creekgeek like this
“Australian swimsuit Chippendales?!” tongue drool
(3 days ago)
Fri, 15-Feb-19 10:51 AM (4 days ago)
would anyone object to seeing me in my thong ???
atlas_shagged likes this
I'd love to see a video posted of you removing it !
(4 days ago)
atlas_shagged and Dildoguy like this
A tasty minimally-covered almost-peeking thong and with minty butt-floss TOO?! Oh HELL Yes; bring it on!! tongue grin
(3 days ago)
Dildoguy likes this
no, i don't like thongs or anything..... nude+dude rules
(3 days ago)
creekgeek likes this
"I'm using MY butt-floss RIGHT NOW, c.g.!!" grin thumbup
(2 days ago)
Fri, 15-Feb-19 6:32 AM (4 days ago)
Phoenix oral bottom looking
Dildoguy and atlas_shagged like this
Fri, 15-Feb-19 6:13 AM (4 days ago)
I want to feel a guy going in me
OMFG: Yes!!!!!!!!! thumbup
(3 days ago)
Fri, 15-Feb-19 2:03 AM (4 days ago)
Going to Dallas to hookup with my black top to have some hot fun all weekend long hopefully I can get him to take pictures and a few videos of him fucking me
love to see some hot pics of the two of you
(4 days ago)
atlas_shagged likes this
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