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Fri, 22-Jun-18 11:06 AM (4 hours ago)
Need two cocks
Tomcat66 likes this
Thu, 21-Jun-18 8:04 PM (19 hours ago)
I've been on this site for over a year, and still haven't met a man on here that will fuck me...
i clicked on him and is 'member not found'
(5 hours ago)
Fri, 22-Jun-18 6:24 AM (9 hours ago)
Just jackin off but want so badly to get the real thing!
lets go
(6 hours ago)
Fri, 22-Jun-18 6:16 AM (9 hours ago)
I also need to send out some Private Messages and/or write PMs to me!
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Fri, 22-Jun-18 6:13 AM (9 hours ago)
It's now Summer, peeps! Time to get seriously busy with fun in the sun, tanning browned buns, and injecting cum. 'Nuff said!!
creekgeek likes this
Fri, 22-Jun-18 6:07 AM (9 hours ago)
I _really_ need to get creatively busy and post some more pics!!
jizztaker and creekgeek like this
Fri, 22-Jun-18 2:36 AM (12 hours ago)
Thinking what we be doing when I hook up with another NDN member
Southern NY is a lot closer than you think and quite real... let's communicate!
(9 hours ago)
Thu, 21-Jun-18 11:48 AM (1 day ago)
In Scotland 24th to 29th June. Saltcoats. Will be unable to accommodate though.
atlas_shagged likes this
Alas, a wee far from bonnie Scotland this last week of June... rain check?
(9 hours ago)
Thu, 21-Jun-18 12:21 PM (1 day ago)
Happy Thursday!
darts12 and atlas_shagged like this
Same to you Texoma1 xxx
(1 day ago)
Here's to even more happiness full o' Friday!!
(9 hours ago)
darts12 likes this
Thu, 21-Jun-18 9:16 PM (18 hours ago)
Any top's near mendenhall Mississippi lik me 1driverlonely
atlas_shagged likes this
What part of MS (Mendenhall...) do you hail? Let's arrange to get you much closer to your "bottom" opportunity!
(10 hours ago)
Fri, 22-Jun-18 3:10 AM (12 hours ago)
Really would like someone to come and use me all night Saturday night until my tight hole gapes open
atlas_shagged likes this
Now we two are set on a place _and_ a day/date, so the last aspect to arrange is a time: seriously, let's communicate and make us happen!
(10 hours ago)
Thu, 21-Jun-18 10:44 PM (16 hours ago)
couple of new pics uploaded
Tue, 15-Aug-17 2:02 PM (311 days ago)
Do any men on this site actually meet up and fuck.?
atlas_shagged likes this
Lol, those interested are always on a different continent!
(311 days ago)
Ineed2BFckd and stevie75 like this
Yes, it does happen/has happened; I just wish more frequently!
(310 days ago)
Ineed2BFckd likes this
Yes, it happens.
(18 hours ago)
Thu, 21-Jun-18 6:42 AM (1 day ago)
I was previously Birdman1957. It's nice to be back.
darts12 likes this
Nice to have you and your awesome cock back as well!
(19 hours ago)
Thu, 21-Jun-18 10:43 AM (1 day ago)
we got to 69 both top and bottom and i cum rubbing on his crack.... then he fuck my ass good and long cumming deep in me .... so happy we hooked up again.
Hay Creek, you are one lucky guy
(1 day ago)
creekgeek likes this
Damn that sounds like a good time!
(1 day ago)
creekgeek likes this
Thu, 21-Jun-18 2:45 AM (1 day ago)
Egads! at a friend and message limit already? Sheesh!
atlas_shagged likes this
There must be only one solution... The Green Lantern!! Er, Shield...
(1 day ago)
Texoma1 likes this
become a premium member with no limits
(1 day ago)
Texoma1 likes this
Thu, 21-Jun-18 10:18 AM (1 day ago)
I need a cock to suck.
Tomcat66 and atlas_shagged like this
Thu, 21-Jun-18 2:30 AM (1 day ago)
Sending some new pics with love and hardness
atlas_shagged likes this
... from "Rod!"
(1 day ago)
Wed, 20-Jun-18 5:31 PM (1 day ago)
Hungry for some cock.
... -a-doodle-doo!!
(1 day ago)
Wed, 20-Jun-18 10:44 PM (1 day ago)
Blimey! This site is a bit quiet
Start dancing!!
(1 day ago)
Wed, 20-Jun-18 10:24 AM (2 days ago)
great day in the morning, fuck buddy might cum over for sex .......mmmmmmm
thats always a good thing
(2 days ago)
darts12 likes this
having a fuck buddy cum over makes any day a great day. Luv to cum over to see you today also
(2 days ago)
darts12 likes this
Mon, 18-Jun-18 8:12 PM (3 days ago)
I am really liking this site!
Hear hear!!
(2 days ago)
BeauFun likes this
Come on over. We can get horned up together.
(2 days ago)
Tue, 19-Jun-18 12:13 PM (3 days ago)
Work is calling
atlas_shagged likes this
Hang up!!
(2 days ago)
Texoma1 likes this
So if I call will you come running!
(2 days ago)
Texoma1 likes this
call in sick while i am sucking your cock.
(2 days ago)
Texoma1 likes this
Mon, 18-Jun-18 9:44 AM (4 days ago)
I'm simply wanting meat & potatoes, no-frills to grow, erect, then enter the "cumly" orifice of your choice!
Is that too much to ask??
(2 days ago)
Mon, 18-Jun-18 11:52 AM (4 days ago)
Sooo Many Sexy Cocks and none available
darts12 and atlas_shagged like this
Wish we were closer
(3 days ago)
"So many cocks; so little time!!"
(2 days ago)
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