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Category: Dicks  ID: 236608
Submitted By:
Date Posted: 9-Aug-18
Location of Pic:
Avon, NY
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No. of votes: 78
Days on site: 283
No. of views: 1119
Avg. views/day: 4
No. of bookmarks: 13
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2-May-19  (17 days ago)
Oh that's so yummy looking
2-Feb-19  (106 days ago)
Hell yeah!!!
2-Nov-18  (198 days ago)
I am speechless. I think that is one of the most ferociously sexy cocks in all of creation!
20-Sep-18  (241 days ago)
nice balls
3-Sep-18  (258 days ago)
Looks so good. Would suck for hours or sit on that and slide slowly down. Your choice...
26-Aug-18  (266 days ago)
i'm willing to try your hard cock in my ass
26-Aug-18  (267 days ago)
what a beautiful cock, if only I could have it in my mouth and be able to take its yummy juices to swallow
25-Aug-18  (267 days ago)
A all day sucker, yummy
24-Aug-18  (268 days ago)
Looks like a fabulous suck toy!
23-Aug-18  (269 days ago)
Thank you for not putting your hand around it and letting us see that majestic shaft in all its glory! Would love to see it soft too.
22-Aug-18  (270 days ago)
Damn very nice big dick
22-Aug-18  (270 days ago)
this guys cock looks RAMPANT. be sure good to find out just How Rampant it is...…. X
16-Aug-18  (276 days ago)
Would do anything for that cock... ??
12-Aug-18  (280 days ago)
I would love to milk that cock. Good and slow
11-Aug-18  (281 days ago)
Damn buddy, nice cock!!!
11-Aug-18  (281 days ago)
Ciao c2c in skipe giovannipolo99@gmail.com. che cazzo!
10-Aug-18  (282 days ago)
Wow!!! Love to suck that thick piece of meat.
10-Aug-18  (282 days ago)
That is a real he-man muscle cock! I'd love to lick those testicles too!
10-Aug-18  (282 days ago)
Da-YUMM! I'd love to bounce that off my tonsils!!
10-Aug-18  (282 days ago)
my mouth and ass needs stretching by that massive cock please
10-Aug-18  (282 days ago)
OMG, are you a top i hope!!?
10-Aug-18  (282 days ago)
How exciting it would be to squeeze the base of that thick shaft with my ass and feel that delicious cock head twitching, throbbing, and spurting hot spunk with into my belly :)
10-Aug-18  (282 days ago)
10-Aug-18  (282 days ago)
wow, what a hammer
10-Aug-18  (282 days ago)
Mmmmm lovely, yes want to suck you
10-Aug-18  (283 days ago)
I want it too!
9-Aug-18  (283 days ago)
You have amazing cock.....!!
9-Aug-18  (283 days ago)
I’d love to be bent over and feel that monster go in my bubble butt
9-Aug-18  (283 days ago)
Nice, you brought enough to share with everyone.
9-Aug-18  (283 days ago)
fuck, that is one amazing cock, absolutely awesome
9-Aug-18  (283 days ago)
9-Aug-18  (283 days ago)
What I like is to have my hand and lips around that monster then ride it until u fill me up
9-Aug-18  (283 days ago)
It is a damn big cock and fat too can puncture any rectum .
9-Aug-18  (283 days ago)
What a beautiful cock and balls
9-Aug-18  (283 days ago)
Never had a cock yet, but I could not resist one like that! I would so be his bitch!
9-Aug-18  (283 days ago)
WoW What a beauty love to feel that slide in my ass in and out untill you shoot your load and fill my up
9-Aug-18  (283 days ago)
sure is what I want to suck then ride
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