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Sucked off one of my regulars today. He was supposed to fuck me but he didn...

153 views in 23 days
Great new cock I sucked for almost half an hour.

178 views in 37 days
Here's the cumshot I took a few minutes ago. Huge load to try and catch!

112 views in 69 days
Here's some video from a great suck and fuck I had last week

259 views in 100 days
Sucked a delicious uncut Asian cock today. Definitely wanted more 15 minute...

169 views in 105 days
Fucking and sucking one of my regulars. My third cock in three days!

287 views in 149 days
Me getting ready to suck cock

304 views in 192 days
I suck cock, get fucked and take a hot facial. Enjoy.

380 views in 219 days
We suck, 69 & frot

237 views in 232 days
Frottage fun! Realized I left this out of my last video, so here it is.

275 views in 257 days
He's deep in my ass.

419 views in 259 days
Me getting ready to sit on his cock.

341 views in 259 days
I love sucking cocks!

388 views in 259 days
Me sucking cock

378 views in 259 days
Cocksucking, Frottage, fucking - all followed with a yummy facial! Hope you...

446 views in 260 days
Here is the cumshot from the video I've been trying to post. I take a facia...

322 views in 261 days
Here I am sucking and getting fucked again last week. Hadn't fucked this gu...

438 views in 331 days
cumshot hioghlights

324 views in 357 days
Frotting, sucking and fucking on 10.16.16. This led to me taking a nice fac...

412 views in 367 days
After a nice suck and fuck session, I take a facial, then shoot my own load...

350 views in 367 days
More video of me sucking cock and getting fucked like the cock slut that I ...

650 views in 372 days
See me put the condom on with my mouth before fucking

314 views in 386 days
The fucking part of today's session. The whole thing was so hot that after ...

438 views in 399 days
The sucking part of a fantastic suck and fuck session I just finished. (Fuc...

333 views in 399 days
69 and sucking action from my archives

556 views in 415 days
More cocksucking from the same sesion. I love my hobby!

244 views in 415 days
Here I am sucking more cock...enjoy!

247 views in 416 days
Yes it's another beautiful new cock for me to suck. I love this hobby so mu...

366 views in 430 days
I gained another new regular this weekend. Here's a few minutes of me sucki...

440 views in 434 days
Here my new friend fucks me doggy. I let him on the condition he lets me Sw...

463 views in 435 days
Pre-fucking frot fun

283 views in 445 days
Getting Fucked

784 views in 445 days
Got to play with another new cock today. Here is some of the blowjob I gave...

534 views in 493 days
I am sucking off one of my regulars again. It gets pretty hot.

473 views in 501 days
I can suck any guy off in 5 minutes. This was the second cock I sucked off ...

587 views in 526 days
I found another new cock to suck today. Hope to make him a regular.

644 views in 542 days
I devour another cock

434 views in 550 days
Fucking in February

476 views in 570 days
Five minutes with my favorite snack

695 views in 607 days
I suck off one of my regular cocks twice in 20 minutes. It was amazing, and...

430 views in 642 days
See me cum after a proper reverse cowboy fucking. I ended up finishing him ...

733 views in 877 days
I love sucking cock!!

580 views in 884 days
When I first sit on the penis. He eventually came inside me doggy-style. Th...

817 views in 923 days
This is me being fucked bareback at the moment I take his hot load. I was p...

1023 views in 923 days
Sucking my lover's cock

674 views in 923 days
I do love sucking cock!

902 views in 1052 days
I love cock

423 views in 1147 days
Fuck My Face

395 views in 1147 days
I love rubbing a tasty cock all over my face...

423 views in 1147 days
I love sucking cock. I sucked on him for a good 20 minutes, then climbed on...

379 views in 1147 days
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