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Sat, 11-Feb-17 3:52 PM (7 days ago)
Desperately wanting all my NDN friends to line up and I'll suck and swallow everyone one of them
I will get into that line.............!!
(7 days ago)
do i get to retuen the favor
(5 days ago)
rudy51 likes this
Mon, 6-Feb-17 8:37 AM (13 days ago)
Looking for nice ass to fuck and breed.
I posted a few ass pics
(10 days ago)
Sorry, I'm on the Pill.
(9 days ago)
Fri, 10-Feb-17 7:37 PM (8 days ago)
Uploaded a new VERY explicit profile photo. A preview of things to cum!!!
I can't see it yet.
(7 days ago)
My main pic is what I meant. I'll post in the gallery shots later with some others I am working on.
(6 days ago)
Sun, 5-Feb-17 3:54 PM (13 days ago)
been so horny and sexed up this last month is incredible ......think about sex all the time
So that is diffent than normal????
(13 days ago)
darts12 likes this
Sun, 12-Feb-17 9:24 PM (6 days ago)
New here, sooo hard and horny
u want me to fuck u, i'm horny as hell too brando43 ohhhhhhhhhhhhh yeaaaaaaaaaaaaa mmmmmmmmmmmmm
(6 days ago)
got any pics
(6 days ago)
The proth is in the pictures.........
(6 days ago)
sorry ...proof is in the pictures........would like to see how "hard and horny" you are...
(5 days ago)
hope you will be posting some pix soon
(5 days ago)
Sun, 12-Feb-17 12:00 PM (6 days ago)
at the frozen lake, jacked off at my special place bi the pond in the candle light, was snowing and still dark
Sounds like a Great time.....too bad you didn;'t have "company"...!!!
(6 days ago)
liketoshow1 likes this
love to see!
(6 days ago)
you cum up with the best ideas, next time snowshoeing I will have to jack off
(5 days ago)
creekgeek likes this
Sat, 11-Feb-17 4:56 PM (7 days ago)
Need cocks
darts12, scolad, dfdarthur and Mankshole like this
Wish I was your Room Service Gorgeous xxx
(7 days ago)
I'd definitely b bent over the bed
(6 days ago)
Fri, 10-Feb-17 6:04 AM (9 days ago)
At my black top's place now and want to know if anyone wants to see New pictures of him fucking me
a no brainer! Of course!
(7 days ago)
(7 days ago)
Wed, 15-Feb-17 5:24 PM (3 days ago)
Thinking about a huge cock cumming a huge load down my throat
rydr, JayViewer and Tomcat66 like this
Wed, 15-Feb-17 1:29 PM (3 days ago)
Dreaming of a nice hard cock
dallan, rydr and Tomcat66 like this
Tue, 14-Feb-17 11:38 AM (5 days ago)
I need to shave my pussy and taint.
dfdarthur, newddude and creekgeek like this
Wish that I could "help" wih that...........!!
(4 days ago)
yeah, I'd like to do that for you!
(4 days ago)
Mon, 13-Feb-17 5:47 PM (5 days ago)
The New Nude Year has started very well lots of new guys with some fabulous pictures. Made numerous friends and cannot wait for the warm weather.
niacountyny, Tomcat66 and creekgeek like this
Sun, 12-Feb-17 3:01 PM (6 days ago)
Going to be in the high 70's today. Time to shed the clothes and head outdoors!
Bc1975, dfdarthur and newddude like this
yes...tim e to get nude. but not where I live except indoors
(6 days ago)
I wish that I was.........!!
(6 days ago)
Sun, 12-Feb-17 3:00 PM (6 days ago)
Tossing myself off watching gay porn. Lots of black cocks spunking. Mmm love it.
dfdarthur, Tomcat66 and Mankshole like this
Don't you wish that they were spunking on you.!!
(6 days ago)
Tue, 7-Feb-17 8:35 AM (12 days ago)
who wants a bj x
me but only if i can reciprocate the favor...
(11 days ago)
love one and love to play with small cocks
(11 days ago)
I will get into that line.............!!
(11 days ago)
Sat, 18-Feb-17 7:31 AM (1 day ago)
naked and hard and needing to be fucked and sucked or be sucked and fucked hard myself
Bigsalmon12 and Mankshole like this
Fri, 17-Feb-17 10:30 PM (1 day ago)
I had two days sunning my buns at a nude resort in Florida and now the WI weather is teasing us with a taste of spring. I cannot wait for nude season to return.
dfdarthur and Mankshole like this
Fri, 17-Feb-17 4:49 AM (2 days ago)
Los Angeles guy needs to suck and be fucked or flip with me...now!
dfdarthur and nipple_clamped like this
Tue, 14-Feb-17 10:40 PM (4 days ago)
I think about cock 24/7...
darts12 and dfdarthur like this
I think about my cock getting sucked 24/7
(4 days ago)
darts12 likes this
Tue, 14-Feb-17 9:26 PM (4 days ago)
Who wants to play
dfdarthur and jizztaker like this
I will get into that line.............!!
(4 days ago)
brando43 likes this
(4 days ago)
Tue, 14-Feb-17 4:18 PM (4 days ago)
Happy Valentine's Day! Quick poll--whats your favorite photo I've posted so far?
cocksucker99 and dfdarthur like this
Love m all.....I want to suck your awesome cock....I want to feel it deep in my ass..
(4 days ago)
all nice of your big tasty cock like sausage on a plate
(4 days ago)
all of them are Hot.....The pictures of your cock on the plate are some of my favorite.......!!
(4 days ago)
Tue, 14-Feb-17 1:39 PM (4 days ago)
love to give a valentines day kiss on the very tip of everyone's sweet cock
averagejoe2000 and Tomcat66 like this
sounds very sexy, where do we meet
(4 days ago)
brando43 likes this
Tue, 14-Feb-17 8:07 AM (5 days ago)
anybody want to give me and my pussy a good valentines day balls deep pounding.xx
Mankshole and creekgeek like this
Sun, 12-Feb-17 7:47 AM (7 days ago)
any horny bicurious or married daddies into dad/son role play chat
Bigsalmon12 and dfdarthur like this
Fri, 10-Feb-17 3:50 AM (9 days ago)
Anyone on for some orgasmic mutual cock sucking fun and frolic?
dfdarthur and JayViewer like this
Sorry I missed you.
(8 days ago)
Wed, 8-Feb-17 4:52 PM (10 days ago)
adveragejoe2000 just brighten my day, he is so horny sexy here just like the rest of us.....
creekgeek and averagejoe2000 like this
Thanks for the complement Creek, Yes always horny and love looking at all these sexy guys here.
(9 days ago)
Wed, 8-Feb-17 2:15 PM (10 days ago)
iam naked and in need of your cum up my ass and in my mouth to taste and swallow
Tomcat66 and creekgeek like this
I'd have thought you'd want the guy to wear a condom ?
(10 days ago)
Sat, 18-Feb-17 1:22 PM (22 hours ago)
No horny boyz on cam, pity
Mankshole likes this
Sat, 18-Feb-17 9:30 AM (1 day ago)
New pic just uploaded. So horny for cum.
jizztaker likes this
Sat, 18-Feb-17 9:15 AM (1 day ago)
Hard and edging
jizztaker likes this
Fri, 17-Feb-17 11:18 PM (1 day ago)
updated my profile so have a look,,,, E/London fun
dallan likes this
Fri, 17-Feb-17 10:31 AM (2 days ago)
A couple of naked photos posted !
Mankshole likes this
Wed, 15-Feb-17 11:23 AM (4 days ago)
My bald pussy is horny.
Tomcat66 likes this
Tue, 14-Feb-17 6:49 PM (4 days ago)
Valentine's Day hmm I'm hungry for cocks lol
brando43 likes this
Mon, 13-Feb-17 12:53 PM (5 days ago)
looking for some 69ing fun
averagejoe2000 likes this
count me in also
(5 days ago)
creekgeek likes this
Sun, 12-Feb-17 6:48 PM (6 days ago)
Taking photo requests today--what do u wanna see?
dfdarthur likes this
Full body shot
(6 days ago)
specialman3602 likes this
Your ass! Both a standing up from behind shot and an on your back legs raised shot so we can see your hot hole too! You are a very sexy man and we want to see it all!
(6 days ago)
creekgeek likes this
rock hard ready to shoot or shooting a load
(6 days ago)
Your cock shaved smooth........!!
(6 days ago)
Sun, 12-Feb-17 8:48 AM (7 days ago)
laying in bed cock hard dreaming and wishing several men got in to bed with me and fucked and sucked me hard and anything thing else they wanted
Bigsalmon12 likes this
Wish I was there to suck that sexy firm cock and make your nob swell and throb until you feed me your thick warm load. Mmmm
(7 days ago)
Sun, 12-Feb-17 8:07 AM (7 days ago)
So horny, teasing my cock, balls and ass until I blow a nice thick load all over my belly then eat all the warm cum. Xxx
dfdarthur likes this
too bad that I wasn't there to "help"...!!
(7 days ago)
Fri, 10-Feb-17 12:15 PM (8 days ago)
Just uploaded some frotting photos.
newddude likes this
jusat saw them and got hard. LOVE your frot pics!
(8 days ago)
Fri, 10-Feb-17 12:20 AM (9 days ago)
How does my hole look?
dfdarthur likes this
Very inviting....!!
(9 days ago)
Sexy hole !
(8 days ago)
Thu, 9-Feb-17 5:18 PM (9 days ago)
going to have a nice long edging session in the morning, last one went on for nearly 7 hours. I shot my load and got some in my mouth, yummy.
Tomcat66 likes this
I edged for a solid 2.5 hours a couple day ago while watching porn, the cum shot was explosive!
(9 days ago)
post some pics of ur cock - luv to see what ur wankin
(9 days ago)
Wed, 8-Feb-17 9:59 AM (11 days ago)
I need to b fucked like yesterday
Tomcat66 likes this
Mon, 6-Feb-17 9:36 PM (12 days ago)
Edging sweet pre cum and teasing my ass as I cruise cock pics. Xxx
Tomcat66 likes this
Mon, 6-Feb-17 8:00 PM (12 days ago)
feeling like I wanna slide on some dick !!
Tomcat66 likes this
Mon, 6-Feb-17 3:43 PM (12 days ago)
need dick!!!
newddude likes this
Love to suck ur dick and I haven't even seen it yet. LOVE ur ass!!!
(12 days ago)
wetstuff likes this
would love that.and thanks
(12 days ago)
Mon, 6-Feb-17 8:03 AM (13 days ago)
horny and wet looking at all these lovely cocks!
Tomcat66 likes this
Sun, 5-Feb-17 10:51 PM (13 days ago)
newddude likes this
(13 days ago)
fuck yeah!
(12 days ago)
Sun, 19-Feb-17 3:37 AM (8 hours ago)
on skype, come find me!
Sun, 19-Feb-17 2:07 AM (9 hours ago)
damn, just shaved all my body hair off for no reason
Sat, 18-Feb-17 11:59 PM (11 hours ago)
Im horny love company.
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