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Fri, 24-Mar-17 2:07 AM (8 hours ago)
dripping again...
Thu, 23-Mar-17 8:31 PM (13 hours ago)
New to site and looking for hookups near Prescott Valley Az. I love to suck all over, swallow and bottom for double or triple dick at same time in me.
Thu, 23-Mar-17 1:07 AM (1 day ago)
Feeling very frisky; my lioness is rising. Wanting to suck a nice penis and lick balls. I need some cum in my lips.
I would volunteer with pleasure
(21 hours ago)
Wed, 22-Mar-17 6:00 PM (1 day ago)
Anyone into cock docking?
darts12 and jizztaker like this
love to dock with you anytime
(1 day ago)
Thu, 23-Mar-17 1:06 AM (1 day ago)
mmmm, i did get to fuck him standing 4 a bit then rim him/jo for me&sucked'em off...
Wed, 22-Mar-17 4:58 PM (1 day ago)
southeast missouri looking for you
Wed, 22-Mar-17 4:18 PM (1 day ago)
Any one in Wyoming wanna get your cock sucked
jizztaker likes this
Wed, 22-Mar-17 4:08 AM (2 days ago)
Anyone in Los Angeles looking to play?
Tue, 21-Mar-17 4:27 PM (2 days ago)
Thinking I would love to be sucking a hard cock
jizztaker likes this
I'm thinking the same thing. There's something so good about feeling a cock grow when it's in my mouth
(2 days ago)
love to be sucking your great uncut cock
(2 days ago)
Tue, 21-Mar-17 9:54 PM (2 days ago)
I have s small cock to be seen
darts12 likes this
Sun, 5-Mar-17 6:18 PM (18 days ago)
playing with my Cock
nice big dick to ne playing with
(17 days ago)
mmmm i sure would fuck that pussy
(16 days ago)
love to fuck pussy baby mmm
(2 days ago)
Tue, 21-Mar-17 5:59 PM (2 days ago)
i want a guy with a small cock to suck on all night
Tue, 21-Mar-17 9:22 AM (3 days ago)
At Florida place now and going to give/get oral sex when my buddy wakes up ....
had some this AM also
(2 days ago)
Tue, 21-Mar-17 12:02 PM (2 days ago)
Thinking of hard cocks
(2 days ago)
Tue, 21-Mar-17 9:00 AM (3 days ago)
why do i wake up every morning wanting a hard cock and a gaping ass
Mon, 20-Mar-17 7:06 PM (3 days ago)
Ask nicely and I'll get naked in no time. Ask nice again and I'm likely to do most anything...
dfdarthur likes this
Mon, 20-Mar-17 3:22 PM (3 days ago)
i love cock sooooo much
jizztaker and Tomcat66 like this
nice one yourself
(3 days ago)
Mon, 20-Mar-17 12:39 PM (3 days ago)
Just been at the gym. Now all horny after seeing the sexy guys in the shower
jizztaker and Tomcat66 like this
Mon, 20-Mar-17 12:30 AM (4 days ago)
Just firming up my veiny cock for the guys. Xxxx
and a nice cock it is
(3 days ago)
Mon, 20-Mar-17 6:07 AM (4 days ago)
Teasing my right man pussy with a big dildo.
I sure wish that I was there to "help".....!!
(4 days ago)
Fri, 10-Mar-17 12:10 AM (14 days ago)
Going to be playing with my dildos soon. Just can't stand being like this to long at all.
Tomcat66 likes this
go to gmail and get me. merlin1156
(4 days ago)
Fri, 10-Mar-17 12:09 AM (14 days ago)
Wishing I could get private messages. I guess anyone should use gee to get me on mail.
go to gmail and get me. merlin1156
(4 days ago)
Mon, 7-Oct-13 8:42 PM (1263 days ago)
spent the afternoon naked on the beach and got to play with a couple of cocks...
b0unc3r likes this
Was either of them as interesting as your own?
(1263 days ago)
Loved playing with cock on the beach when I lived in San Diego.
(4 days ago)
Fri, 17-Feb-17 10:31 AM (34 days ago)
A couple of naked photos posted !
Will be posting some very soon I promise.
(4 days ago)
Fri, 17-Mar-17 5:45 PM (6 days ago)
love to have a dirty guy or 2 use my tight hole n rimm them deep too
top here but luv gettin rimmed
(6 days ago)
gayjsalford likes this
love to rimm before n after i get fucked
(4 days ago)
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